Quamdiu Domine
How Long, O Lord?

Many faithful Catholics are disturbed and saddened by abuses that occur in their own parish or diocese and feel powerless in seeking to have them corrected. This site is here to fill the need of us, the faithful, humbly to present to our Catholic leaders the problems we witness on a daily basis so frequently within our own Church.

Together with Catholic brothers and sisters across the world, we pray that the pastors of the Church will hear our cry for help and exercise their pastoral authority to heal the wounds caused by dissent from the teaching of the Magisterium and by abusive or irreverent celebrations of Holy Mass.

After exhausting all options to correct specific abuses in your area, please send us a VHS, DVD or audio file of the abuse for posting to this website. Posting to this site is at the sole discretion of Quamdiu Domine and every attempt will be made by us to corroborate the abuse and give the offending parties the opportunity to correct the abuse prior to posting.

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