Most couples don’t consciously choose to be sexless together. The excitement of the connection wears off as the novelty of it does, and so does the passion. You experience new relationship pressures, such as extended work hours, financial strain, or the birth of a child, and you never seem to get over them. Finding a new hobby is more exciting such as watching the 2006 2007 nfl playoffs, and more can often affect your intimacy.

Without any intimacy, weeks grow into months, and you eventually find yourself in a no-sex union. Additionally, you might discover that your libido and mood are seldom “in the mood” at the same time. And if you’re continuously at odds, it’s possible that you don’t often feel in the mood. So what’s wrong with this issue? More importantly, what can really cause it to become a bigger, bigger sex problem in your marriage? These habits may explain it all.

Talking Less and Less

Let me start with my popular saying, “Great sex starts with emotional connection, both for men and women.” When husbands and spouses gradually cease talking, marriages suffer. One of the first things to suffer in a marriage where communication is lacking is your sexual life. Never stop exchanging ideas. Share your feelings, apprehensions, and hurts. Discuss your connection frequently. Talk about your sexual preferences and arousal triggers. During sex, talk. Never stop talking, no matter what.

Sleeping Next to the Children

Don’t get me wrong. Having a child occasionally sleep in your room is OK, in my opinion. Giving a youngster a sense of security if they experience nightmares or are afraid of thunderstorms is acceptable. It becomes a problem, though, when it becomes a habit. You and your spouse need to have exclusive usage of your bedroom. So make no excuse whenever you and your partner feel like it’s time for some intimate night.

Being Addicted to Porn

I’m sure someone would say that watching porn together helps improve sex life in a marriage. Here, I’ve addressed that. There have even been claims that porn helps rescue marriages, although there is no evidence for it. The research does show that hundreds of marriages and lives are damaged by pornography for every claim that marriage is “helped.” You are not alone if you are having trouble with it; it is harmful and polarizing. Make every effort to seek assistance and kick the habit.

Being Too Lazy to Take Care of Your Body

coupleThis goes beyond simply getting in shape and maintaining a healthy diet, both of which can have a significant impact on married sexual life. To monitor your general health and stress levels, you and your spouse should visit the doctor at least once a year. Recently, my friend shared that his wife was struggling, suffering from sadness and a decreased libido. She discovered that her body wasn’t making enough progesterone by going to the doctor. Things improved with a straightforward change. Sex is similar to exercise. It requires effort, initiative, and occasionally forethought, but when it happens frequently, your marriage will be healthier.

However, after a while, sex can become predictable. Women, in particular, may experience pressure when having sex because they believe they must satisfy all the usual requirements rather than bonding and getting to know one another. Rather, change and mix things up. Try different items and explore all fetishes and wild things you and your partner may love.