Though women claim that size does not matter, a small penis will truly have an adverse impact on your sex life as a man. A small dick will not satisfy a woman, and you know what happens after that. Luckily, there are many ways through which a man can increase his penis size without surgery or any other complicated procedure. Here is a guide on how to achieve this.

Popular Enlargement Options

Jelqingobese man

This technique is very popular and useful. Before you perform a jelq, warm your penis using a clean towel dipped in warm water for three minutes to make it achieve a semi-erectile state. After that, use baby oil and use your index finger to make an O-shaped curve with the thumb. Gently milk the penis. This way, you allow the blood to flow from the base to the head of the penis. This technique only works if you do it several times for two to three minutes.

If you are a beginner, you can start with gentle and easy repetitions and don’t rush. During the initial stages, don’t exceed 80 repetitions per day. Get a routine that suits you perfectly and stick to it. It’s advisable to take some penis measurements before you start the exercise. Also, measure the size after six to seven weeks. You will notice some changes if you are doing it right.


Squeezing your penis will help you get it to the desired size, especially the girth. With squeezing, you need to do some warm up lest you hurt yourself in the process. The warm up may include using a towel soaked in warm water for five minutes. Take some time to allow the dick achieve a full erection. Use your thumb to squeeze it into your body repeatedly. This activity will enhance blood flow to the penis which then increases the size. Make sure you hold the penis for 30 seconds to the very least for a bigger girth.

Using Extenders

bodiesYou can opt to use extenders to increase the size of the dick. The extenders will help break down the ligaments and tissues in the dick when stretched. Consequently, they will rebuild naturally and make it bigger. Extenders are very safe and among the best ways to get a big dick quickly.

These simple techniques will help you achieve a bigger dick quickly and safely. However, you should consider looking at more comprehensive guides on how to get a bigger dick. With a comprehensive guideline, you can never go wrong. Take your time, learn and enjoy lasting results.