There is something very particular concerning the woman’s breasts which attract male’s attention. Most of the time, you find men around you talking about breasts now and then. Researchers have tried to find out why men are awestruck with breasts to be precise the big ones. Over many years, surgery has become very effective for women who want to achieve big breasts. Here is a list of the funny results obtained from researchers. If you love this kind of information or even the one that is more direct, then finding yourself in joymilf can be very interesting. Feel free to have a look on them.

Financially unhappy men love big breasts while rich men love small breasts.

This might sound weird: nevertheless, it is what was shown by recent research that was conducted by science experts. Larger breasts are known to attract men facing financial troubles. The study revealed that the breast’s size preferred by a man is related to his earnings.

Hungry men like big breastsbreasts

Another study showed that men who might not have eaten for some time are attracted to big breasts whereas those who have just taken heavy food prefer small breasts. So, remain hungry, and you will find yourself attracted to big boobs.

Bras speeds up sagging problem

Studies done have suggested that bra wearing is completely useless. The study reveals that bra might cause the sagging of breasts quickly than expected. The study also stated that women who fail to wear bra have a natural support as they develop more muscle tissues.

Sexists men like big breasts

Another study has revealed that men having a sexist attitude towards ladies are much likely to prefer the big breasts. Probably this could be a good reason why you might need a breast enlargement surgery. A cosmetic surgeon does breast surgery.

Breast pressing keeps women away from breast cancer

By squeezing, fondling, pressing and playing with your partner’s breasts ensures that she is staying away from this cancer. Studies reveal that physical force affects the reversion and growth of cancer cells.

Large breasts are not attractive for men with no interest in fatherhoodbreasts 2

A study conducted recently has shown that breasts are a natural sign of a woman’s ability in bearing and nurturing healthy children. This natural phenomenon could be the reason why those men not interested in fatherhood are attracted more towards the small breasts.

Lovers of small breasts like a submissive partner.

The study has revealed that those men who love small breasts are after a submissive partner and not a dangerous one. So, big breasts could help you in staying away from misogynist men.