Introducing sex toys to partnered relationships can open new realms of pleasure for both parties. Toys can do things that the human body cannot, leading people to have more frequent, consistent, and intense orgasmic experiences. In addition, the variety of experiences offered helps couples to keep sex exciting and varied, which may help maintain desire in long-term relationships. This article outlines tips to help introduce toys to your relationship productively and painlessly.

Consider the Timing

coupleOne common mistake many people make is just whipping out toys during sex. Unless you’re sure, your partner is comfortable with this experience and appreciates surprises during sex. This might leave them feeling anxious and pressured, potentially creating a conflict or making them dredge in insecurities. Instead, you can set some time for a conversation on ways to bring toys into the play. It’s easiest in new relationships since you openly talk about sexual preferences and can quickly introduce sex toys into such chats

Don’t Apologize or Criticize

No matter how or when you begin a conversation, don’t connect your interest to explicit critique or frustration with your current sex life. This will play into underlying insecurities that your partner may hold. Also, don’t shy or apologize for your desires, as it’s an excellent way to build stress and anxiety in your relationships. Instead, come from the point of exploration in which sex toys are among numerous exciting things you can do together and see what they may add to your sex life. Many want their partners to experience pleasure and are willing to seek a higher form of happiness together.

Shop for a Toy Together and Build Anticipation

shopIf you’re a beginner with sex toys, it’s best to follow your curiosities and familiarize yourself with available options. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to speak to your partner about your interests that may double up as foreplay. You can shop for toys in person or online. When in a boutique, you can physically examine and feel the toys IRL, giving a better idea of your preference. Moreover, salespeople can help answer your questions and help you find your preference. Meanwhile, online shopping is private, giving you more space to comfortably discuss what draws your attention and how you’ll use them, helping you go into more detail than when in public.

Even when you’re familiar with using sex toys as you masturbate, whipping them out with a partner may be another story. Follow tips above to help introduce sex toys for better sex with your partner.